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In late 2020 Bethany Community Centre was officially opened in Limavady on the site of the old Bethany building covering 6,800 square feet. That historic building was formerly used as Termoncanice Primary School. Along with the ajoining site which included the old St. Mary's Parochial House the newly built community centre now proudly stands. The new Bethany Community Centre will ensure future generations honour that heritage. The centre blends sympathetically with the neighbouring buildings and provides a warm, welcoming space for the community. 

The Bethany Community Trust set out to create a building to support the disadvantaged groups of The Glens, Hospital Lane, Josephine Avenue, Coolessan and Roe Mill Road areas of Limavady. The facility has been built to help in the delivery of cross-community programmes and rejuvenate this part of Limavady.

The centre helps to provide a shared space in Limavady and provide an outlet for the important work carried out by many active community organisations.

The Bethany Community Trust has a keen sense of community ownership and this ethos combined with volunteer values will embrace the social needs of the community in a sustainable way.


Bethany Community Centre can offer a range of facilities to suit various functions and events. It is is an inclusive, community space for local community groups and parish events.

Our facilities include:

  • Main Multi Purpose Hall
  • Minor Hall
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Meeting / Activity Room
  • St. Mary's Limavady Parish Office 
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Disabled Access

Our facilities can be viewed in the photo gallery below. If you or a group you are involved with require any of the facilities we provide, please get in contact for more information.

Please note that before bookings are confirmed, any person or group using the Centre must abide by the Terms and Conditions of booking and the Centre's Safe Use guidelines. These will be provided to you prior to confirmation of your event.

This Week's Events

Here you can find the full listings of events being held in the centre for the upcoming week. The list will be updated every week. Please get in contact if you would like to book an event. 

Building History Gallery

A photo timeline was recorded during the development of Bethany Community Centre to show the building progress. These photos allow us to view what was once on the site to what we have now. They show how we have developed a modern, multi purpose centre, which will provide top quality facilities to our local community for many years to come. The gallery can be viewed below.